CS Puzzle Solver Application

CS Puzzle Solver Application

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About the project:

This program allows the user to explore a number of simple puzzles and problems that are typically given to beginning students in computer science. From the main menu, the user is able to choose from numerous options: 1. Fibonacci Sequence Iterator 2. Prime Number Factorizer 3. Next Prime Number Generator 4. Palindrome Analyzer 5. Change Calculator 6. Binary-Decimal Number Converter 7. String Reverser 8. Geographic Distance Calculator 9. Sudoku Puzzle Solver 10. Infix to Pre/Postfix Converter By including these problems in a single program, this application provides users with an accessible way to explore elementary programming problems. Additionally, the source code is annotated to highlight the use of specific data structures and algorithms in the problem-solving process. At present, this application is designed to run in the command line, but development in underway to create a user-friendly GUI using the Qt framework.

Technology used:

C++, GUI Design (Qt), Recursion, Input Control, Algorithms

*Click image for link to source code*