This Website!

This Website!

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About the project:

To elevate my digital profile and expand my knowledge base, I built this website from scratch over the course of three weeks. Using the Django framework for Python, I developed the back end of the site drawing from the lessons I learned in Eric Matthes' *Python Crash Course* in addition to the documentation available for Django online. For the front end, I employed the Bootstrap framework to create a dynamic website interface and customized the site's interface extensively through the use of HTML and CSS. I even used a few jQuery and Javascript functions to implement animations and markdown text rendering throughout my site. Finally, I learned to manage and query the SQLite and PostgreSQL database attached to store and retrieve information related to the various objects of my site (projects, blog posts, etc). This site is hosted on the Heroku platform. Static files are hosted on the S3 platform of the Amazon Web Services suite. Please explore the rest of my site to discover and interact with all of its features for yourself!

Technology used:

Python, Django, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Git, Javascript, SQLite, PostgreSQL

*Click image for link to source code*