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You Win Some, You Lose Some

June 28, 2019 |  Categories:  Development  

Today has been both fruitful and frustrating in equal measure. I feel like this project is so close to the finish line (by which I mean deployable!) that any minor roadblock has bothered me more than it probably should. First let's start with the good news. I had a lot of fun reformatting my contact info page. By replacing all of the external links with icon badges for each site, I removed a lot of the text clutter that was sprawling all over that page. Additionally, this solved the readability issue that I'd been struggling with. At first, I tried putting a background image for just my contact page, but I felt that it interfered with the overall theme of the website. Then, after looking at the Youtube symbol in another one of the tabs on my browser the perfect solution came to me: just use the website icons as the links themselves! The end result was a clean, colorful, and easy to use contact page that provides several ways to connect with and get ahold of me. In addition to this, I also added several relevant links throughout the body of the "About Me" page to make it more interactive. With that section though, I'm still looking for a good background image that fits well with my main background and isn't just a boring, solid color. I found a nice black marble background, but the white accents throughout it might clash with some of my text. The search continues. Now for the frustrations. I finally began work on the long-neglected Project Portfolio section of the site. All I really need to do is choose the projects I want to showcase, explain them, enumerate the various technological aspects they incorporated, and choose appropriate pictures. Sounds easy enough, right? While I was able to implement admin editing privileges for the Project model (which allow me to add details, change the titles, etc. from the backdoor admin site), I spent hours trying to get the linked images to render. Because the HTML template for the Project Portfolio incorporates a for loop to display all the objects in this class, the image links are non-specific. As a result, I haven't been able to track down which directory the program is trying to pull the images from. Because I wrote the link as so: img class='card-img-top' src="{% static project.image %}" I would assume that it would look for the images in my static directory. The only problem is that I have another subdirectory beneath my static folder names 'images' where I'm keeping the rest of my images. Normally, I would just modify the link as so: img class='card-img-top' src="{% static 'images/project.image' %}" to indicate that the desired image is another directory beneath the static folder. The issue however, is the "project.image" as the end of the path, as this name is not an actual image. Each time I've tried to run this rendition of my code, the terminal throws an error. I've already thought enough about this for the day though, and it's starting to get late. Hopefully I'll have good news to report on this by the end of tomorrow! -Joe

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