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The Weather App is Live!

July 26, 2019 |  Categories:  Development  

Apologies for the lag in posting lately, but I'm just bouncing back from a nasty illness. I got really sick on Tuesday night, and could hardly get out of bed the past two days. While the externally-imposed break was nice in some respects, it was also a major bummer because I wasn't able to attend my company's conference for interns this week. Of all the times to get sick, it just had to be this week. Oh well, at least I was able to stay somewhat productive. While I spent most of my time in bed sleeping and playing Runescape, I also managed to create a nifty new app for my site. [This program][1] fetches current weather data for six of my top travel destinations and reports the information in a clean, stylized format. Here's a screenshot of how it looks: ![Screenshot of weather app][2] This app relies on the free API available at [Open Weather Map][3], and simply calls the address with the name of each of the six cities I chose. Then, it sifts through the JSON reply to store the high temperature, low temperature, humidity, wind speed, and a brief description of conditions in a dictionary. This dictionary serves as the context that the view function passes the HTML template. For the HTML template itself, I used the same basic format as my home page with only a few slight modifications. Another exciting change can be found over on the "About Me" page. At the bottom of the page, you can now find a handy download button that links [the most recent version of my resume][4]. Somehow, seven months had gone by since I last updated it, so it was nice to finally get that long-neglected task of my to-do list. Short of finally figuring out how to develop a GUI to fit on top of my puzzle solving application, the last major projects I have on my radar are a simple budgeting assistant and another API-based application for NBA player stats. Ideally, I'd like to develop both of them within the confines of my current website, as this will allow me to feature the apps in action in my project portfolio. As always, I'm sure some minor cosmetic things might continue to come up for my website, but I'm really satisfied and proud with how it's turned out. It's crazy to think that a mere month a half ago, nothing about this website even existed. At any rate, that's enough for now. Happy Friday everyone! -Joe [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]:

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